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At CEDBCAM, as we value and respect our customers, we are making every effort to provide the highest customer serviceWe achieve this by simply caring about our patients’ health and well-being. From our professional, efficient and welcoming healthcare team, to our well-designed premises, we aim to provide a first-class diagnostic experience.

We also seek to make your life slightly easier by developing new products such as the CEDBCAM discount voucher card  by providing 5% to 10% discount on check-ups, and time by cutting out the long process usually preceding a diagnostic test with online proformabooking and file creation.

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They are based on:

1. Innovation
2. Honesty and Ethics: respect for the patient and ethics
3. Integrity: towards patients/visitors, employees, shareholders, partners
4. Scientific expertise and quality of the service provided
5. Efficiency and precision in care

They are supported by human values:

1. Loyalty – Justice
2. Rigor and Professionalism
3. Respect for human beings
4. Commitment – Team Spirit
5. Culture of hard work and performance